MediaChance DVD-lab PRO 2.0

MediaChance DVD-lab PRO 2.0Mediachance DVD-lab Pro — это программа, ворвавшаяся на рынок DVD-авторинга относительно недавно и, тем не менее, очень быстро завоевавшая множество поклонников. Несмотря на скромную цену ($199), обладает практически всеми возможностями профессионального пакета класса Scenarist Pro. Откровенно говоря, трудно представить себе задачу, которую любитель не смог бы решить с помощью этой программы. Разве что нельзя сделать фильм, снятый несколькими камерами одновременно. Но такая задача возникает крайне редко даже в профессиональной практике.

DVD-lab Pro умеет сама создавать меню, кнопки и т. п. В общем и целом решать Вам, качать или не качать!

Функциональность DVD-lab PRO:

  • All is accessible through a logical windows interface
  • Multiple audio and Multiple Subtitles
  • Users with Multiple Monitors are here for a spefcial treat!
  • Subtitles with various effects for dialogs and better readability
  • Connect elements together with new objects such as Play list, Counter list or Random list. The new VTS Bridge tool let you connect objects across VTS domains
  • User can create reusable «Smart Components», effects and plug-ins
  • For the hard-core DVD programmers a maximum level of DVD customization using VM Commands, VM Blocks or VM Debugger

Особенности второй версии DVDLab PRO:

  • Flexible DVD structure
  • Multiple Audio and Subtitle Channels
  • Multiple Angles/BOV
  • Compile faster than ever
  • More Menu Effects
  • Dynamic effects
  • Cells and Delayed menu buttons
  • Play Lists, Counter Lists, Random Lists, Chapter List etc.
  • Special Navigation Objects
  • Audio-Only Track
  • Rich virtual Editing tools
  • Multiaspect Widescreen menus
  • Connection
  • Smart Components and Scripts
  • Virtual Machine Commands
  • Lean Abstraction Layer
  • Ability to Compile without Abstraction Layer
  • High Educational Value
  • Grows with your requirements

. and More

изменения в версии 2.0:

  • More compatible slideshow — in full GOP instead of I-frame
  • Mega-Project with disk caching — this will cache data during designing into disk which will allow user to create project with huge amount of menus without windows crying for memory. With Mega-Project you can now create up to 640 menus per VTS!
  • Each menu can have up to 30 cells inside where each cell can have its own set of buttons and other parameters.
  • Smart Compile will recompile only the changed menu parts and keep the video vobs from previous compile. This way you can recompile menu changes within a minute!
  • Multi-PGC title. The Segment Title has been now redone to a full Multi-PGC title. (Each segment in a Multi-PGC Title can now have its own pre and post commands)
  • Audio Title can show new slide on each mark
  • Pre and Post verificaton log
  • Multiple Angles
  • Buttons on Movies (Each chapter can have different buttons)
  • Faster transition encoding
  • native 24p support (Note: this is not 23.97 with pulldown)
  • Simpler to use and more robust audio transcoder — can transcode any audo file for which you have codec
  • Subviews in Conections — place certain project objects to a freely definable subview (up to 9 subviews) so you can work with them separate from the main “Global” connection view.
  • VM Commands can be now placed not only before but also after the Dynamically generated commands
  • Multiple selection in Connections
  • Perspective Transformation of texts and other objects
  • Package object in Menus
  • Show VM commands in Connections
  • Pause on chapters or at the end of movie (Continue by pressing Play button)